Our ticket package comes with an additional free entry to one of the 2 water parks of disney world, Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach. We chose Typhoon Lagoon.

It’s not linked to the monorail too. But not to fear, free bus.


After slathering up with sun screen and changed into our swim suits, we went walking around the park. Not very big.


This is the wave pool, but I don’t think the waves are big enough for surfing. Didn’t really see the fun to this. Everyone was just sitting in the water facing the direction of the incoming wave. The floor was rough too. I think many people had a few scratches here and there.


We took a lazy ride on the Castaway Creek. Just grab a tube, sink in it, and let the water flow you effortlessly around the whole park.


Good thing we got on it first thing in the morning, because by the afternoon, almost every inch of this Castaway Creek was filled with people.


There’s one cool feature about Typhoon Lagoon. You can snorkel with sharks and sting rays. Not the great white. But mini harmless ones. It was so fun, that we went twice.


There are also a few rides, the Crush n Gusher, which we could both sit together. We went down on this twice, because there were 2 different tubes to go through.


As you come down this ride, there’s a photographer ever ready to take your photo.


Obviously I didn’t purchase these photos (as you can see from the watermarks on the photo). Because one photo is so expensive, something like USD15 per photo.


We managed to sit on every ride, except for one, because it was too extreme.

Overall, a fun and sweet day.


Tonight, we went to another Disney Resort for dinner. We either take the bus or the boat. We shall take the boat.

This is the jetty behind our hotel, to catch the boat to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.


View of our hotel from the jetty.


Another view of another part of the hotel. If I’m not mistaken, this building is for Disney club members.


Here comes the boat. Free!


Selfie on the boat.


Welcome to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.



So much more character to the hotel.


We ate at one of the restaurants in this hotel. Very interesting experience. When there was a table ready for us, the waiter said something like this “I’m afraid it’s a loooonnngggg walk to your table. I hope you’ll all be alright with it”.

And I kid you not, our table was literally 5 steps away. I said to the waiter “WOW… that was a LOONNNGGG walk!”. And he replied, “I know right?”.

Your first impression will be that the waiters are incredibly rude. But actually, it is all in great fun. Just play along with them. If you need ketchup, you just have to shout for it, and then you’ll be given like 20 bottles of ketchup. One lady ordered a large cup of soda, and the waitress made her a really tall tower of straws. You have to be there to experience it. Great fun.

I ordered a vegetarian dish, Red Quinoa cakes with salad. Nice, but very filling. I think the quinoa was expanding in my tummy as I ate.


If you even come to Disney World for a holiday, I highly recommend staying in this hotel, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. So much more character. The only disadvantage is that there are no monorails connected to it. It’s the bus or the boat, which can be quite slow. The other hotel I would recommend is the Disney’s Polynesian Resort. Both these hotels are family friendly.

IF you are a couple, and would like a more “princess-y/romantic” setting, then I would recommend Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. When we went there, Mat’s friend said, “whoa, so white”. There’s a mini chapel there too if you are thinking of getting married, equipped with a horse carriage and etc…

There are many many other Disney resorts. But those are the ones that I came across.

So, here ends my blog about Disney World. The very next day, we had to fly home ㅠ ㅠ.

We transited Newark Airport again, because my husband wanted to avoid JFK. Had lunch here at one of those “high tech” cafes. You order your meal through the ipad thingy, and also pay through it using a credit card.


While eating, you can also play games and win prizes. I kept playing with the free coins, and won 2 mini chocolates. Not bad eh?


You can just see New York in the horizon.


The air hostesses on our flight back weren’t as good as the one we flew to Newark. For some reason, they were not as attentive. But anyway, Praise God it was a good flight.

And Praise God once again for the amazing opportunity and provision for this trip to Disney World!

Welcome to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.
There are no monorails to Animal Kingdom. But there’s the free disney bus.

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 1

Couldn’t help notice a very interesting rock sculpture.

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 2

After passing through the entrance, you’ll be amazed with the fake tree right in the middle of Animal Kingdom.

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 3

A closer view of the tree. There’s a 4D show right under the tree, not to be missed.

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 4

If you arrive there just before the opening time, maybe 8.55am, watch out for these beautiful parrots. They fly over you, and then fly off over you again to officiate the opening time. Very magical.

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 5

Our first ride brings us to Dinoland.

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 6

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 7

I forgot to take a photo of this ride. It’s sort of like a roller coaster. We are joined by another colleague of Mat’s. We could sit together in one pod. It’s a roller coaster that whirls and twirls, with 2 drops. Not intense.

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 8

Another big dino.

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 9

Remember that tree, now we’re about to go under it. The Tree of Life Theatre presenting It’s Tough To Be A Bug!

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 10

It’s a 4D theatre. Very nice. There was one part where giant spiders came down from the roof, and Mat told me he kept his eyes closed.

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 11

The next ride we took was the Kali River Rapids. I was excited about this ride. But after the ride, I was a little dissappointed. It could have been a little wilder, and also wetter. All I had was a few sprinkles of water on me. Our friend who went to Universal Studios the next day said there’s a similar ride, but much much better, wilder and wetter than this.

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 12

Expedition Everest. The wildest ride of all of Disney World’s theme parks.

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 13

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 14

I was pretty anxious getting on this ride.

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 15

But hey, I can’t disappointment my ride mates.

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 16

And this was how I looked like on the ride.

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 17

And you know what, it wasn’t that bad. It was pretty good actually.
Another view of Expedition Everest from a distance.

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 18

Next, be sure to get a fast pass for this, Kilamanjaro Safaris. Because the earlier, the more awake the animals are.

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 19

Even though we had a fast pass, the line was pretty long.

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 20

So of course we had to take the opportunity to take more selfies.

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 21

Almost there.

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 22


DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 23

And finally we’re on it.

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 24

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 25

Even though we took the first fast pass time of the day, the animals were already starting to laze around because it was already very warm.

Nice to see hippos.

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 26

A very tall ant hill.

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 27

There’s got to be a giraffe.

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 28


DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 29


DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 30

Our driver for the Kilimanjaro Safari was her first time ever driving and giving out information. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t excellent. But since it was her first time, we’ll give her an applause.

Also, don’t miss Flights of Wonder, a bird show.

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 31

I found it very entertaining. Saw a bird that could sing 3 songs by heart. Amazing.

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 32

And also, the highlight of Animal Kingdom is the Festival Of The Lion King show.

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 33

It’s been a while since I last watched a live musical. Very nicely done.

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 34

Finding Nemo The Musical was alright.

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 35

Since they are all fish, so the fish had to be carried by the actors. Not bad.

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 36

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 37

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 38

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 39

And finally, a walk through the Gorilla Falls.

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 40

I’m not sure if you can see anything, but there’s actually a hippo there, having a spa. The fish that is around it is giving the hippo a good clean.

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 41

A sleepy gorilla.

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 42

And another gorilla.

DW_5_AnimalKingdom - 43

After going to 3 parks in Disney World, if you have to choose only 2 parks to go, I would recommend Magic Kingdom, and Animal Kingdom.

So many photos to choose from. Finally. The day you’ve been waiting for… I think 😛

We are going to Magic Kingdom!!!!!! The main attraction of Disney World. Today, we are joined by Mat’s friend. As I said, our hotel is linked with the free disney monorail service, directly to Magic Kingdom. How convenient is that 😉
DW_4_MagicKingdom - 1

Welcome to Magic Kingdom.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 2

Cinderella’s Castle! The castle you always see at the beginning of every disney movie/cartoon.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 3

We’re getting nearer. Statue of Walt Disney and Mickey mouse.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 4

Yay! It’s like a dream come true eh? Feel extremely blessed to have this “once in a lifetime” chance to come to Disney World.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 5

And of course I have to jump for joy…. ㅋㅋㅋ

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 6

While walking to our first ride of the day, we stumbled upon King Arthur’s sword. Mathias tried to take it out of the stone. Of course he couldn’t, because he’s not King Arthur… duh…

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 7

Our first ride of the day was actually Peter Pan’s Flight. Slow ride. It was all the way on the other end of Magic Kingdom. We did it this way to beat the crowd. Our friend who didn’t have the fast pass, joined the queue, and he said it will take around 45 mins. The ride was so quick, that we quickly went on another ride called “It’s a small world after all”. After this ride, our friend just had to wait for us for 2 mins.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 8

This is a slow ride on a boat. It’s just little figurines “around the world” singing It’s a small World After all in different languages. So after the ride, my head just kept singing “It’s a Small World After All”.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 9

Towards the end of the ride, we saw our names on the screen. There were like 4 other people on the boat, but only our names came out. How did they know who we were? Scary…. like there’s a camera stalking us.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 10

Next stop, The Haunted Mansion.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 11

We were requested to put on our most scared facial expression. I thought it would be a scary ride where “things” jump out at you suddenly. But, no, it was a pretty cool ride. The technology of making the holograms were pretty cool.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 12

Next, the first “scary” ride of the day, Splash Mountain.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 13

I am NOT a fan of rides that consist of big drops. But I couldn’t disappoint my fellow ride mates right?

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 14

So yeah… I looked like that during the big drop.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 15

It wasn’t too bad I have to admit.

In the park itself, there’s a slow moving train that takes you from one end to another in case you don’t want to walk the whole length of the park.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 16

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 17

Little Mermaid time.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 18

Another slow ride. You side in a big shell.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 19

And will be pleasantly entertained with digital graphics…

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 20

And sculptured stuff.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 21

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 22

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 23

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 24

There’s Mat’s friend.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 25

A view of a cafe.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 26

This next one is a theatre showcasing all the Presidents of the United States.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 28

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 29

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 30

This was the cool part. They had a Madam Toussaude style of all the presidents of the USA, and they move. Very very cool. At the end of the show, you can’t help but feel patriotic, even though this is not my country… lol.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 31

The longest waiting time that we had to go through was the Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train. We didn’t know this ride was so popular. Should have gone to it first thing in the morning.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 32

We were in the line for 1 hour. Actually it didn’t felt too bad because there was a very chatty man from Jamaica that kept us entertained.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 33

And along the way, there were interactive stuff that you could play with.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 34

And finally, it’s our turn.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 35

Not an extremely ride. It’s just very fast. I don’t remember if there were any big drops. Just a lot of twist and turns. And there, sitting beside Mat’s friend is our new Jamaican friend. He looks as if this ride is a piece of cake.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 36

The next fast pass we used on is the Kilimanjaro Safaris. Slow ride.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 37

How I would describe this ride is: Stand up comedy on a boat. Not as the name of the ride suggests, Kilimanjaro Safaris, there are no live animals. All fake. Just listen to the person steering the boat, have a good laugh and enjoy the ride.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 38

The “scariest” ride of all in Magic Kingdom, Space Mountain. All 3 of us had fast pass for this.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 39

You know what, it was great! It’s a roller coaster ride in the dark. I said I”m not a big fan of thrill rides, but this one I highly recommend.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 40

This next one, we all thought was wasting our time. Stitch’s Great Escape. If I were a little kid, maybe I’ll like it.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 41

It’s one of those 4D experiences, but without the 3d glasses.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 42

Pirates of the Caribbean.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 43

A slow ride on a boat in the dark.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 44

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 27

A funny scene.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 45

Then it’s time for the day parade. I’m wondering why I didn’t take any photos of lunch.

Beauty and the beast, and behind them is cinderella and her prince.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 46

Frozen, Anna and Elsa.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 47

Not quite sure who this is.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 48

Little Mermaid

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 49

Peter Pan

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 50

Tinkle Bell

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 51

A dragon that spits out fire.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 52

Merida in Brave.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 53

One of the seven dwarfs.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 54

Mickey and Minnie mouse of course.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 55

Donald Duck

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 56

And be sure to stay till 9pm for the fireworks. With all the disney music, felt pretty magical.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 57

After the fireworks, Mat’s friend said let’s go meet Mickey.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 58

And this was the strangest experience.

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 59

Mat looked sooooo awkward. He was like “what am I doing here taking a photo with a person in a mickey suit?’ When Mickey asked if he could hug him, Mat’s face was like “NOOOO DON”T HUG ME”. But yes, mickey did hug him… hahaha

DW_4_MagicKingdom - 60

I think if I was a kid I may have enjoyed meeting Mickey. But since I’m all grown up now, it was weird. But yay! We met Mickey in person… lol

Today, Mathias had to be in the conference (that’s the main reason why we came right?) for almost the whole day. So slept in the hotel with the amazing pillows and just chilled.

Mat had time during lunch, so we decided to take the free shuttle bus to Disney Springs. It’s an outdoor shopping area, still within the Disney World land. Did you know Disney World properties cover around 28acres? (110 km2)

That’s bigger than the town I’m living in at the moment.
DW_3_DisneySprings - 1
DW_3_DisneySprings - 2

They claim to sell “special” disney merchandise in the World of Disney shop here in Disney Springs, and you can’t find it in any other Disney parks. All I got was a magnet, and yeah, true enough I didn’t see the magnet I bought in the other Disney parks.
DW_3_DisneySprings - 3

We had lunch in Earl of Sandwich.
DW_3_DisneySprings - 4

Mathias was quite impressed with the sandwich. The meat “melted” in his mouth, he says. I on the other hand wanted something healthy. I was already feeling vegetable and fruit deprived. So of course I ordered a fruit & vegetable salad.
DW_3_DisneySprings - 5

Strawberries? Good… Vegetables? Good…

Mat posing awkwardly with Buzz Lightyear.

DW_3_DisneySprings - 7

We still had some time to kill, so we walked around Disney Springs. Went into the Lego store.
DW_3_DisneySprings - 6

Me with the lego version of Buzz Lightyear.

DW_3_DisneySprings - 8

And of course Woody!
DW_3_DisneySprings - 9

Another entrance to World of Disney. At a certain spot, Stitch will spit water on you.
DW_3_DisneySprings - 10

There are many restaurants here too. One of them is the T-Rex Restaurant. If you don’t want to be dissappointed, be sure to make an reservation. Queues are long.

This T-Rex will move and roar. And, you’ll also get to eat in front of an aquarium with live fish. It will be funny if you ordered fish, and told the live fish in front of you “I’m eating your cousin… muahahaha…”
DW_3_DisneySprings - 11

Then it’s time to go back to our hotel because Mat’s session is about to start.

I spent the evening in the pool.

Dinner was at the hotel’s cafe. I had a salmon, beans and rice dish. It was the healthiest choice on the menu. Fish was ok. Beans was squeaky and rice was weird. Well hey, we’re in Disney, something has to squeak.

Mat ordered a dirt and worms cupcake.

DW_3_DisneySprings - 12

We went back to Disney Springs the next night for dinner, and we couldn’t find a single available seat in almost all the restaurants. So if you do plan to eat in Disney Springs, make a reservation.

We bought a package of 3 Theme Park tickets. We chose to go to Epcot today. Epcot is second of 4 theme parks built in Disney World.

Below is the icon of Epcot, Spaceship Earth.
DW_1_Epcot - 4

Yes, there is a ride in this giant golf ball. Quite nice actually. If you ever go there, remember to put on your best smile when they ask you to look at the camera.
DW_1_Epcot - 5\

And towards the end, take your camera out and snap/record what’s going to come up on the screen in front of you, because it’s so funny!
DW_1_Epcot - 6

There will be a cute animation using our portraits. It will be a different “story” every time depending on what you select. So if you have the time, ride this ride again and again.
DW_1_Epcot - 7

Towards the end of the ride, we were surprised that our pictures came out for everyone to see.
DW_1_Epcot - 8

Next stop, The Seas. It’s like a mini aquarium. Not as many fish varieties as other big aquariums. I would say, they try to put the type of fish that appeared in Finding Nemo.
DW_1_Epcot - 9

Mat getting eaten by Bruce.

DW_1_Epcot - 10

One of the big fish tanks.
DW_1_Epcot - 11

Mat was mesmerised with 2 turtles fighting for a head of lettuce.
DW_1_Epcot - 12
DW_1_Epcot - 13

Next stop, Living With The Land.
DW_1_Epcot - 14

This is a slow ride on a boat going through their “high tech” farm.
DW_1_Epcot - 16

Basically, it’s hydrophonics.
DW_1_Epcot - 15

I was like, “wah, so big!” at the size of their produce. When I sent these pictures to my mum, she asked “what fertilizer they used?”
I replied, “fish poop?”
DW_1_Epcot - 17

There are many many more rides in Epcot, but a lot of them are in dark spaces, so photos didn’t turn out so well.
There’s this ride that you should NOT miss. Soarin’ Around the World. It’s a huge simulator with a big HD screen and it makes you feel like you’re really flying around the world.

The 2nd half of the park is World Showcase, 11 countries are represented here.
Norway, with a hut that inspired the movie Frozen.
DW_1_Epcot - 18

DW_1_Epcot - 19
DW_1_Epcot - 20

I think this was Germany.
DW_1_Epcot - 21
DW_1_Epcot - 22

Can’t remember.
DW_1_Epcot - 23

DW_1_Epcot - 24
Every “country” that you visit, there are a couple of restaurants there where you can eat their “local” food. We ended up in the American one, because well, we’re in America… lol
DW_1_Epcot - 25
DW_1_Epcot - 26

DW_1_Epcot - 27
DW_1_Epcot - 28

DW_1_Epcot - 29

DW_1_Epcot - 30

And of course, we couldn’t resist stopping by “France” to have dessert.

Ordered the Creme Brulee.
DW_1_Epcot - 31

And the double chocolate.
DW_1_Epcot - 32

If you have the energy, you can actually finish Epcot in half a day. Get a multi entry 1 day ticket. Go to Epcot in the morning, and then head to Hollywood studios in the afternoon.
Overall, Epcot is full of SLOW rides. Nothing intense, oh… except one,Test Track. We couldn’t go on this one because of the weather. We should have gone on it first thing in the morning. We heard it’s really good. Should have came back at night to check it out.
Anyway, this theme park is suitable for young and old because of the slow rides. Most of the rides are simulation based too. I would say Epcot is more of an Educational Theme Park.

That’s all for Epcot. Took the monorail back to our hotel for a rest. Then took the monorail again to the Polynesian Village Resort for dinner. Sorry I forgot to take a photo of this resort. It’s based on a “Hawaiian” theme.

Mathias ordered a hotdog, which was extremely salty.

DW_1_Epcot - 34

And I ordered nachos, which was tasty at first, then it got soooo salty towards the end.
DW_1_Epcot - 33

You’ve read it right! I went for a trip that I never would have imagined ever going…. DISNEY WORLD!!!

A few months ago when Mat said there will be a conference in Disney World, I said, “I’m definitely following you to THIS conference!!” So exciting!!!

However, the morning that we were suppose to fly did not start well. We were suppose to leave for the airport at 6am to catch the 9am flight. At 5am, I received a message that the flight has been delayed 3 hours. So, I thought it will be alright to go to the airport later. At 8am, out of curiosity, Mat called the airline to ask if we have to be at the airport to check in even though the flight has been delayed.

BAD NEWS! You still have to be at the airport and checked in for the original time! Our hearts dropped.

Anyway, to cut the story short, we made it to the airport by 8.45am, and the counter staff said… “It’s alright. The flight has been delayed.” I tell you…. we were both sooooo relieved! Lesson learnt, you still have to check in on time for the original flight time even though it has been delayed 3 hours.

We flew United Airways.  The flight was good. I felt that the staff kept feeding me all the way to Orlando. We transit Newark Airport(in New York), because Mat didn’t want to transit in JFK, because of the security check nightmare stories. Newark Airport was ok. Immigration check and security check was pretty fast.

Upon reaching Orlando, we caught the free Disney Magical Express Bus to our hotel. It takes around 45 minutes from the airport to the hotel. You will be entertained with a mini quiz and Disney World adverts in the bus.

We stayed at the Disney Contemporary Hotel because that’s where Mat’s conference was held. I would not recommend this hotel if you’re going there for a holiday. Because we later found out there are nicer and cheaper Disney resorts dotted all around this place.

Upon checking in, we were given these Disney bands. Personalised. With our name printed under it. It’s our hotel key, our entrance ticket to all the Disney theme parks that we purchased, and, if you register your credit card to it, you can pay everything with this band. Very high tech!!

DW_1_Epcot - 1

Just in case you’re thinking what if someone stole that band? Well, you have to register your finger print with it too. Smart eh? And scary at the same time. So much of my info in there.

Welcome to our hotel room. Too big! I only have enough body to sleep on one bed. But extremely comfortable. I miss the pillows. It was one of the best pillows I’ve ever slept on.

DW_1_Epcot - 2

The bathroom. I can dance in there.

DW_1_Epcot - 3

As you can see, this hotel is called Contemporary, and well, it’s contemporary designed. Very business-only kind of hotel. Well, Mat came here for a conference, and not to play…

It was a really tiring day. Have to sleep for an exciting day tomorrow!


After spending the whole morning in Swansea, off we went to Cardiff, the capital of Wales.

We found on the internet the BEST fish and chip shop in Cardiff, and unfortunately the chips didn’t meet my expectation. The fish was alright.

Cardiff - 1

The cardiff market. Very similar to Swansea market.
Cardiff - 2Cardiff - 3

Next, is the arcade. Reminds me very much of the Royal Arcade in Melbourne.
Cardiff - 4
Even the variety of shops inside is similar.
Cardiff - 5
A tv channel recommended this cafe called Madame Fromage. But we were too full to try anything. Maybe next time.
Cardiff - 6
Cardiff Castle, the city’s leading attraction.
Cardiff - 7Cardiff - 8
It’s more of a collection of buildings scattered around a central green. We didn’t realize the entrance fee is SO expensive. So we decided not to go in. But I managed to take a picture of this building in the middle.
Cardiff - 9
The clock tower, which you can definitely see from outside the castle.
Cardiff - 10
Sights around the city.
Cardiff - 11Cardiff - 12Cardiff - 13
Last stop is the National Museum. Entrance is FREE!
Cardiff - 14
Devoted mainly to natural history and art. It’s considered one of Britain’s best museums.
Cardiff - 15Cardiff - 16Cardiff - 17
A quick view of St John the Baptist Church.
Cardiff - 19
And a quick drive around.
Cardiff - 21
And then, home sweet home.